New Inventory Procedures

The department has changed responsibility of inventory management to IT. Please turn in all assets directly to Mathematics IT by scheduling a time to check in your device with us.

Mathematics IT has a number of Apple devices available for use to departmental students, staff, and faculty both on and off-campus. All requests must contain a detailed justification for the use of the device. Device loans are re-evaluated annually and all assets must be physically audited by Mathematics IT annually, regardless of if the device is an at-home or on-campus device.

You can login and view your assigned assets on

Once your request has been approved, your device will be assigned to you and an acknowledgement email generated. You must agree and accept the device via the generated email before you can pick up the device for use. Once the agreement is finalized, you will be held personally and financially liable for any accidental damage or theft of the device. It is expected that the device will be returned in the same functioning order, with the same accessories present when the device was delivered to you.

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