Meeting OWLs

The Meeting OWL Pros by OWL Labs is a breakthrough for hybrid meetings. Many times when having a hybrid meeting tend to feel excluded when joining remotely due to the interaction being limited a typical webcam’s field of view range between 65 and 90 degrees, with 78 degrees as the median. In contrast, the Owl Pro features a 1080p Full HD, 360 degrees camera that captures a panoramic view of everyone in the room along with individual panels that display people that are actively talking or presenting. The Owl Pro also has a built-in 8-way omnidirectional microphone and three built-in speakers that work seamlessly with the most popular meeting. The software powering the Owl Pro (Wise OS) use AI technology to recognize the speaker and focuses and follows that person as they speak and present. To use the Owl Pro, simply connect the USB-A Cable to your computer and start your zoom meeting. It’s that simple! When using the Owl Pro, the zoom camera will have a panoramic view with windows below that which focus on the speaker(s).

For more information, you can view the product page on Owl Labs.

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