Linux Desktop Service

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Mathematics IT offers a shared computing environment that offers SSH or RDP access for either terminal work, or a fully equipped remote desktop experience. This resource provides users the ability to access campus resources, and also run low-intensity compute jobs that aren't suitable for the department's HPC without the need for an additional device. The shared desktop environment is equipped with 6 Xeon CPU Cores and 16GB of memory. These resources are shared between the active users of the service at any given time.

Requesting Access

Using the Service

You can reach the Linux Desktop Service while on campus, or when abroad by connecting to the campus VPN first. Once you are securely connected to the network, you can either utilize the service in a terminal via SSH, or a remote desktop via FastX. In order to utilize FastX, you must first install the client on your NC State managed Mac. You can find it by using the Self Service app. Once installed, you can add a connection to using your NC State Unity ID and Password.