New phones

Getting a new phone

When getting a new phone, there are issues we face regarding two-factor authentication. These steps will take you through the process of setting up DUO on your new phone. You’ll need access to a computer and your new phone.

  1. On your computer, open your browser and go to:
  2. Sign in with your unity id and password.
  3. Leave the Passcode field empty and just select Enter a Passcode.
  4. At the bottom of the page you should see an option “Text me new codes” in a blue box:
Prompt bar in Duo
  1. The code will be texted to the new phone if it has the same phone number as  the old phone. Enter the code in the Login field to get to the My Settings and Device page.
  2. Select Log in.
  3. Select Device Options next to the old phone information.
  4. Select Reactivate DUO Mobile.
  5. You will be prompted with a QR code to scan.
  6. Open the DUO Mobile app on the new phone and follow prompts to add a new account until you bring up the QR scanner to scan the QR code on your computer.

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