Double-sided printing & Hold For Authentication

Duplex Printing

If two-sided printing is not showing up as an option for you, you may need to enable duplex printing in System Preferences. Here is how to do so.

  1. Open System Preferences, and navigate to “Printers and Scanners”
  2. Click “options and Supplies”
  3. On the top of the window that opens, select “options”

4. Check the box “Duplex Printing Unit”

Hold For Authentication

If you’re receiving the message “Hold for Authentication” it’s likely because you need to enter a new password to access that printer.

  1. Try hitting the refresh button on any print jobs you have that say “Hold for Authentication.”
  2. Enter Unity ID credentials and check the box that says “Remember my password.”
  3. You should now be able to print successfully. If not, please submit a ticket.

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