How To Enable Remote Login (Office Computers)

PLEASE NOTE: This procedure should only be followed with office computers that have a hard wired (Ethernet) connection. This procedure may not work with WiFi-connected devices.

If you are planning to use Remote Login, please make sure your Mac’s power settings do not allow the computer to sleep, otherwise if you try to make an SSH connection to a sleeping computer you will not receive a response!

  1. Navigate to System Preferences.
  2. Select Sharing.
  1. Check “Remote login.”
  1. Check “Allow full disk access for remote users.”

5. You will see a message that says:
‘To log into this computer remotely, type “ssh username@XX.XXX.XX.XXX”’

Your user name and IP Address or host name will be shown in place of ‘username’ and ‘XX.XXX.XX.XXX’ as shown above.

To SSH to this computer remotely, you will need to first be connected to the NCSU VPN. Open Terminal on the computer you wish to SSH from and type the command you were shown in the previous step. You can start the SSH connection using either your host name or your IP address. You will be prompted for your computer password, this is the password of the computer in your office. You may now view all of your files remotely.

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