Hello! Undergrads Union Grads (formerly ‘Undergrads Under Grads’) is continuing its fifth year in the NCSU math department. We are a mentoring experience with graduate students aimed at helping undergraduates who are under-represented in the math major.

Program Details

Mentoring is made up of short, informal meetings on a monthly basis. Undergraduates can talk about their current courses, goals, or professional experiences with their graduate mentors.

In addition to mentoring, we will organize informational sessions and workshops as a group. These activities will be designed to prepare students for job, graduate, or research opportunities. Topics to be covered include:

  • Research at NCSU
  • Applying to graduate school
  • Summer research and internships
  • Career paths after graduation

We are currently planning events for the 2018 Spring semester; we expect to run at least one department-wide session related to Graduate School applications to get everyone ready for the summer.