Previous PhD students, postdocs and visitors

Previous PhD students

  • Quang Văn Nguyễn (2015)    (Advisor: P. L. Combettes)
  • Bằng Công Vũ  (2013)     (Advisor: P. L. Combettes)
  • Luis M. Briceño-Arias (2011)     (Advisor: P. L. Combettes)
  • Thomas D. Capricelli (2008)    (Advisor: P. L. Combettes)
  • Valérie R. Wajs (2007)      (Advisor: P. L. Combettes)
  • Sever A. Hirstoaga (2006)   (Advisor: P. L. Combettes)
  • Jian Luo (2000)    (Advisor: P. L. Combettes)
  • Hong Puh (1996)    (AdvisorP. L. Combettes)
  • Raywat Tanadkithirun (2016) (Advisor: Min Kang)
  • Thanawit Jeeruphan (2014) (Advisor: Min Kang)
  • Sheng-Jhih Wu (2012) (Advisor: Min Kang)
  • Alexey Rubtsov​ (2011) (Advisor: Min Kang)

Previous Postdocs and Visitors 

  • Christian Müller, Simons Foundation, From October 2017 (Host: P. L Combettes)
  • Marco Mazzola, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, visiting period: 10/13/2017-10/30/2017 (Host: K. T. Nguyen).
  • Antonio Marigonda, University of Verona, Italy, visiting period: 02/07/2018-02/24/2018 (Host: K. T. Nguyen).
  • Hyenkyun Woo, Korea University of Technology and Education, February 2018 (Host: P. L. Combettes).
  • Saverio Salzo, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova, March 2018 (Host: P. L. Combettes).